We are in a constant search for the right blend of investment capital and structure. There are several distinct strategies we are currently deploying:

Straight investment loans. This is long term, fixed rate opportunity. We use the capital to acquire and improve long-term assets. The loans have monthly simple interest payments and are no less than 36 months in duration. The current offering is between 5% and 8 % dependent on opportunities and market fluctuations.

Equity investment opportunities. Shamrock Acquisitions offers a blend of a low preferred rate and equity in individual projects. Since our launch in 2008 this structure has driven the greatest returns for our investors. These opportunities are project specific, but generally offer 4% preferred return and up to 25% ownership in individual projects.

Our larger projects require institutional lenders and partners. Once we have a comprehensive understanding of larger projects we will match our capital contribution with institutional lenders. We feel the low rate environment coupled with our track record provides reasonable leverage to aid our growth.

Using your IRA to invest with Shamrock Acquisitions: There comes a point in an individuals investment strategy where cash flow (yield) becomes a higher priority than growing net worth. Shamrock has the ability to invest your IRA money. We provide monthly cash flow, principle preservation and a substantial reduction from market volatility. It is an ideal match for IRA money.

For infomation about ongoing projects, including getting involved from an investment stand point,
please call Matthew B. Duffield at 248-778-7072



We feel today’s economy and the distressed real estate industry requires complete transparency and disclosure. We spend a substantial amount of energy trying to determine what is accurate versus misleading. If you are investing in our firm or lending for specific projects we want our complete financial picture and supporting tax returns to be available for more productive conversations. If you need some or all of our financials please complete the form and one of our team leaders will contact you to provide you with the financial information you require.

  • Last (2) years of Personal and/or Business Tax Returns
  • Current year of Personal and/or Business Financial Summary
  • Current Proof of Funds

Financials Available Upon Request

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